Our Mission

Gulf Pointe Latin School seeks to instill in its students a love of learning and the requisite tools to facilitate critical thinking skills and the lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Our Values

  • All children at Gulf Pointe Latin School are taught in an environment that champions liberty, economic freedom, self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.

  • We exclusively implement a Classical curriculum adhering to the Trivium methodology.  We believe this is the path to cultivate critical thinking skills that lead to a life of learning and knowledge-seeking.

  • We believe that Latin, in addition to being the root language of classical and other Romance languages, is a critical foundational skill that develops logic and critical thinking proficiency in children.

  • All children are academically challenged, rewarded for measurable achievements and held accountable for performance that does not meet expectations.

  • All children are taught in classrooms where the teacher is in charge, expectations are definitive and understood, and all children are expected to come prepared and ready to learn every day.

  • Our teachers foster a love of learning, are compassionate and create a classroom environment that supports each child as an individual with unique interests and needs. Class sizes are always small, with an average teacher/student ratio of 1:12.

  • Students are taught that the United States of America is a Capitalist society and that Capitalism enables human achievement because it is morally superior and truly humane. Capitalism respects the source of human achievement: the individual mind. The human mind - reason - is man's essential tool to understand reality, harness nature, sustain his life, and create a life worth living that is worthy of admiration.